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Purnima Aaj 14/06/2022.
आज पूर्णिमा पर दान का विशेष महत्त्व है तथा आज के दिन खीर का भोग चंद्र को शाम में १ घंटे चंद्र की शीतल रौशनी में रख दे! और उसका भोग प्राप्त करे !
This festival : the special day is awaited by everyone all over the world. In this year Mothers day is not only the day to pamper your mom, also make it special to give gratitude to mother Prithvi Mata, Rashtra Mata, Mother Gaay Mata, by giving them extra special and thank them for all that they has done for you. From giving us life to holding our hands through life to loving us unconditionally, Ma’s are the best at what they do.
List of gifts ideas as below
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On this day if we donate needful things to needy it will rise the fortune in our life. When is Mother’s day : gift ideas Know these important things before the first solar eclipse of the year, also should not forget to do these work or donation on this day.

Be alert on this When is Mother’s day : gift ideas. So everyone should have to be alert on this day.
water bottels,
Travel Mugs
White flask
rubber torch
steel sippers
Hip Flask
Sports bottel
Silver cap flask
Fancy mug
Neon Mug
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